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Just in time for Christmas

Everyone could use some extra spending money during the Holiday season.

Take a break from your December loan payment and use the money for your Holiday vacation, gifts, expenses or simply save it for a snowy day!

For only $25 per loan you can be payment free for the month of November, December or January.

I understand the non-refundable processing fee will be assessed for the loan I request to skip as well as for each loan thereafter. This fee is applicable even if my request is denied. I have carefully reviewed and understand the restrictions listed below.* I understand all terms and conditions of my original loan agreement still apply and that the interest will still accrue on the unpaid balance at my contract rate and that I must be a member in good standing.

*Restrictions: The modest $25 fee must be received before the Skip-A-Payment Program can be applied. The payment can be made with a check, cash or directly debited from your City County Employees Credit Union account. If you wish to have the payment debited from your CCECU account the $25 must be available before we can process your request for the Skip-A-Payment Program. We offer either one monthly payment or to consecutive biweekly payment to be skipped. Home Equity Loan/Lines of Credit, No Credit Check Loans, Unsecured Lines of Credit and Credit Cards are not eligible for this program.

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